June 2024 - West Bay 10k Challenge Race Entry

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Race Details
In 2021 and the first time in OMRAs 50 year history of running Chase boat events a fixed distance was introduced. With the intention to add a new dimension to chase boat racing. Allowing national and international class records to be set, a challenge of beating times, and also competition between racers from one day to the next.

Saturday 11th June
8am - Launch Chase boats (Course Pre-Set)
9:30am - Drivers Meeting
10am - A-X First Run 10km

Sunday 12th June
8am - Launch Chase Boats (Course pre-set)
9:30am - Drivers Meeting
10am - A-X Second Run 10km in Qualification order

We have records set in 2021, could you beat it in 2022?

The Saturday will be run in class order, boats within each class selected at random to run. A 10km course, 5km each way from West Bay heading West along the coast towards Lime Regis. Using GPS markers to set the buoys. The times from Saturday will then dictate the running order for the Sunday, regardless of class. A type of qualifying if you will. Thus meaning you could gain an advantage with preferred morning conditions for the Sunday. However note if you do not run Saturday you will run after qualifiers in rough class order.

However your fastest time from EITHER day will count towards your result. So if you have an unreliable boat on the Saturday, or overcooked it a bit perhaps on the waves. You get another chance Sunday to improve your time. This also allows for people to enter only Saturday or Sunday only and still compete also.