OMRA Membership

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Join OMRA for the 2024 Season. Racing begins April 2024 and concludes in November 2024.


  • UK Insurance Included
  • Racing at all OMRA races including podium wins and trophies
  • Ideal for racers who can’t commit to the Full Championship Season
  • Transponder rental available

For racers interested in competing at OMRA events (inc UIM sanctioned events) but are not interested in committing to the Full Season Championship. You can race with a team in the Team Championship, and win individual podiums/trophies at races, but you will not score individual Championship points. Your boat will be required to conform to OMRA safety regulations.



  • For Competitive Racing
  • UK Insurance included
  • Race at all OMRA Events and Score Championship Points
  • UIM Race License & Timing Submissions
  • Transponder required
  • 15% Race Entry Discount

For serious racers. Looking to compete in both OMRA and UIM National & European Championships. Score championship points throughout a season with a best of 9 race final standings, including Team Championship. UIM Race License supplied and option to gain international points and rankings. Your boat will be required to conform to full OMRA race spec and safety regulations.



  • UK Insurance Included
  • OMRA Races Welcome
  • Independant lake based race series up to 2.10cc
  • Transponder not required

The Z-Class is an additional race series to the OMRA calendar who run nitro powered boats up to 2.10cc. Please contact Alan Baldry who oversees the series.